At M.A. Edwards, we offer a range of accountancy services for people working within the government’s Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Our customers include both CIS Contractors and Sub-Contractors. From our office at Kings Norton, we have served construction businesses across Birmingham for 35 years.

Is your work covered by the CIS?

The CIS covers most construction work, including site preparation, renovations, refurbishments decorating and building work. If you are a company or self-employed individual working as a contractor within the construction industry, then you are obliged to register for the scheme and to make the appropriate payments to HMRC. If you are a sub-contractor, then it is still in your interests to register for CIS, as unregistered sub-contractors are liable for a higher rate of contributions than those enrolled on the scheme.

Our CIS services

Your accountancy obligations under CIS depend on whether you work as a contractor, or as a subcontractor. See below for the different services we offer:

For CIS Contractors

  • We deal with your monthly returns
  • We verify any new sub-contractors you may have
  • We submit your monthly returns to HMRC
  • We print your CIS deduction Statements
  • We tell you how much tax needs to be paid to HMRC

For CIS Sub-Contractors

Our services for CIS sub-contractors vary, depending on whether you operate your business as a limited company or as a sole trader:


  • We submit your monthly Payroll EPS (Employment Payment Summary) to HMRC, showing how much tax your contractors have had deducted on the work they have done.
  • We manage your CIS reclaim from HMRC

Sole Traders & partnerships

Many of our long-term clients are self-employed CIS Sub-Contractors. We offer an end to end accountancy service for an all-inclusive monthly fee:

  • We prepare all your business accounts and tax returns
  • Where there is a tax refund owed to you we manage the refund, chasing HMRC on your behalf whenever necessary.

Find out More

Get in touch today to find out more about our affordable, stress free CIS accountancy services. To sign up for our service, or to chat with Ian or Barbara about your accountancy obligations under CIS, give us a call on 0121 459 6623.

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