Tax Services

Business owners often describe corporation tax as one of the most prohibitive costs to their company. However, if handled correctly, corporation tax doesn’t have to be such a burden.

We can help you to comply with regulations whilst effectively planning the most cost-effective tax structure for your company. We can also offer advice on any available tax breaks and opportunities that you may be able to take advantage of.

The MA Edwards team have a wide knowledge of taxation and can offer expert advice on all tax matters.


Can you help with tax planning?
Yes, definitely – give us a call on 0121 4596623 and speak to one of experts to find out more.

How can you help a business pay less tax?
By making sure that all legitimate expenses are claimed for, along with capital allowances, and with a thorough understanding of the business tax system.

What expertise/experience does MA Edwards have with Tax?
We have 35 years experience in dealing with both personal and company taxation. We have a taxation expert who works along side us, and believe that our business advice is second to none.

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